Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Look 6735

I had sewn up this New Look t-shirt a while back and it had sat in my sewing room for a while not quite finished. I looked very boring and so I thought I would try embellishing it with some fabric flowers.

There are numerous tutorials on line on different way to make fabric flowers. The way I did mine was to cut three differnt size circles, place one on top of the other, fold into quarters and then do a few stitches at the point. When you open the flower back up it looks like petals. I sewed a bead into the centre and attached to the shirt.

I need to add a few more more smaller flowers to finish it off and fill in the gaps. These seem a little floppy to me and next time I will try some of the other ways of making the flowers like using a gathering stitch to make them a little "fuller" and hold their shape better.

I have made this t-shirt several times now and it has become a TNT pattern, I also love the skirt on this pattern and made it up a few times over the past few months.

I really need to make a cover for Millie my duck tape dummy as all her stuffing is popping out the poor thing!!

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