Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kwik Sew 3891

I have been sewing but mainly muslins and not a lot to show unfortunately. A few weeks back I had the opportunity to visit Knitwit in Nedlands whilst at my daughters orthodontic appointment. I have wanted to go for a while but just never got round to it. I was so excited to see all the wonderful fabrics and could have spent a fortune. I did not this time but seen as my daughter will be having regular appointments for the next few years I will be visiting every month or so. YAY......

I loved how they had lots of garments made up out of Kwik Sew patterns and so I couldn't resist buying something. The pattern that called out to me was 3891.

I loved how it looked so easy to wear and make. Due to my disability I am finding it harder and harder to deal with doing up zippers etc and am looking for quick,easy and comfortable clothing. I could have bought so much fabric and it was hard to choose. I ended up getting this lovely knit that I thought would be great for Autumn/Winter, it feels lovely and drapes beautifully.

It has a lovely raised vein running through  it.

Now the pattern called for 2.55m which sounded a lot but I went with it and at $20/metre it added up.
When I got home I thought I would use some cheap rayon/knit in my stash to do a muslin before I cut into my lovely fabric. After pattern alterations the pattern ended up only needing 2 metres. After mulling it over I decided to use my fabric to make a dress as I would have wasted over half a metre if I had made this top.

This is the pattern made into my cheap rayon knit. I really liked how it turned out. I started with a size L and did a 2.5cm FBA. I rotated the dart into the gathers at the front. I lowered the gather at the front but next time round I will raise it back to it's original position as I feel it's a bit too low. In the photo you can see there is pulling across my bust, this goes away if I pin out a dart from the front neckline down towards my bust. The neckline is just a tad wide on me which I am finding is a common issue on nearly everything I make. I must remember to add this to my regular adjustment list.

This pattern is wonderful in my opinion. Like all Kwik Sew patterns the instructions are easy to follow and it is a very quick sew. I am really happy that I didn't have to make too many adjustments and I will definitely be sewing it again out of something delicious from Knitwit. The skirt is just a simple elasticated waist but goes well with the top and super comfy.

I paid $16.95 for this pattern at Knitwit (yes patterns are super expensive in Australia) and a few days later the Spotlight catalogue had them for half price so I went and picked up a few more. I keep buying patterns but just don't have the time to sew in school term.





I am looking forward to buying some nice knits and making some of these for my winter wardrobe. Another plus of these patterns is that the sizing goes from xs to xl so the patterns can be used for both me and my daughters.

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  1. Love your top. With the gathers I think it would look wonderful over jeans as well. You have also picked up some really nice patterns (love your knitwit fabric too - almost picked it up myself but balked at the price). I think you have convinced me to try KnitWit. I am eager to see what you make with it.