Monday, January 2, 2012

Knit Sorbetto

Life just seems to get in the way of my sewing and when I do sew it seems to be very slow going. I never understand how people just crank garments out in a few hours. I lose my concentration  quickly and hence make mistakes so its slow and steady for me. 

The extreme hot weater is upon us and I HATE it...... The EDS makes it very hard for me to control my temperature and I am ALWAYS hot!!!  In summer I cannot wears anything with a sleeve and I know at my age and size a lot of people don't want to show their arms but all I can say is"not me"......  I do realize that it isn't the best look in the world but hey I need to be comfortable and cool foremost.

My closet was in need of some knit tops that are lightweight and can be worn around the house. Most that I had certainly had seen better days or were RTW and of course poor fit. All this to say that I decided to try making the Colette Sorbetto top in a nice soft knit. My daughter has a top that has a diagnol/uneven hem on it which I liked so I attempted to copy it.

I am glad with how it turned out and it will be lovely just for hanging around. I made it smaller than my regular sorbetto as I was using a knit and I raised the armholes as I thought the original was too low and I wanted to be more covered. I stabalized the neckline and did bindings on the armoles and necklines. I top stitched the centre pleat to keep it in place.

Next time I make this I will lengthen it by about 2 inches as I prefer my low prominent stomach to be covered and may lower the neckline a little which I think will be more flattering on me.

Next up I am attempting some capris again. Fitting pants has been a complete nightmare for me but I shall keep perservering and even if I can improve one small part at a time I am happy.


  1. Hi Waikiki Mum. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. I love your top . I've made a couple and they are very comfy.
    YOu said you want to make capris but have trouble with fit. If you go to my blog, on the right sidebar, you'll see Helpful Videos. Clicck on Silhoette patterns Webcasts and tit will take you to Peggy Sager's webcasts. There are at least four on fitting pants and jeans. I've learned so much by watching these free little jems.
    Good luck. Let me know what you think.Happy sewing.

  2. Great top - isn't Navy and white such as crisp classic.