Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sewing for Your Body Shape

Whew, I am back from my wonderful holiday and what a fabulous time it was. I now have post vacation blues and finding it hard to get back into life. I have no idea what will be on my sewing agenda but I know that I need to clear out my wardrobe and see what gaps I have!!!!

Whilst I was away on the sunny Gold Coast I was at a local shopping centre where they had just held a fashion parade of which I missed seeing. As I was reading the poster about it I found they were giving FREE body shape analyses to customers. I was nervous but plucked up the courage to give it a go because when else was I going to have this opportunity. The first words out of my mouth were "Do you do fat short people?" and they were kind enough to say "ooh darling we do everybody" which made me feel better!!

Now, all my life I had thought I was near enough an hourglass shape. I have boobs, a waist and hips. Yes they are all in the larger size but that is what I thought my "Shape" was. Low and behold I was completely wrong.......

After pulling in all my clothes close to my body and analyzing everything they said I was an inverted triangle. Who knew?????

They advised me on what would look best and what things to avoid. Clearly, I had been doing a lot wrong all these years. So I have a good set of girls which make me top heavy and as my legs are thin in proportion to the rest of me and I do have some kind of waist I am an inverted triangle.

They popped a few items of clothes on me to explain what I should be wearing. Some of the things they came up with are:
  • Wear colour or pattern from waist down
  • V necks or deep scoop necks
  • cross over tops or dresses
  • create vertical and diagonal lines.
  • Keep the fabric close to the side of my neckline and then plunge into a V or scoop neck
  • Knee length or just above or below for dresses and skirts.
  • create a waist
  • Vertical ruffles or embellishments on the top half
  • Above elbow sleeve length

Things to avoid:
  • Cap sleeves
  • shoulder pads
  • Pencil skirts
  • Pattern on top
Now I know what shape I am I have been surfing the net and finding more information about clothes for the inverted triangle shape and will now base my sewing on what I have learnt. Some sites I found with interesting information are :

You look Fab

style makeover HQ

E how

There is heaps of info online so go have a look for your particular body shape. Some even have information to work out what shape you are.

                                                    I have a dress very similar to this in my closet

I love how this dress shows how to keep the fabric close to the neckline and then has a deep plunge.

I am looking forward to now finding patterns that have these elements that suit my shape rather than just purchasing ones that I like on the model or that others have looked good in on Pattern Review.
I urge you to find out your shape and come back and tell me all.......

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  1. Thanks for the interesting links. It is always a challenge to find clothes that suit.