Monday, September 26, 2011

Tube Dress

I am about to go on holidays for 17 days to the Gold Coast in Queensland -yay for me!!! For those of you that are not familiar with Australia the Gold Coast has the most beautiful beaches, skyline, numerous theme parks, great nightlife, fabulous weather and so many fun things to do.  My family and I have been a number of times before and always have such a great time. I am looking forward to a complete break from the normal humdrum of life. Not so much the plane trip that takes over five and a half hours with a stop over in Sydney on the way. We are in Perth on the other side of the country.

I wanted a simple tube dress to wear down at the pool and for the beach and I managed to find this pretty green knit from Textile traders and its perfect. I didn't have a pattern so just did the best I could.
I doubled the fabric over and just stretched it to fit my top half and sewed a back seam. The skirt was simply one piece with a centre back seam and then I gathered the skirt and attached it to the bodice. I folded the seam allowance from the bodice over the skirt seam allowance and sewed a casing and inserted the elastic. I didn't even worry about hemming it.

I love how comfortable it is and I will get a lot of wear out of it around the hotel. I have another pretty fabric with a cute graduating pattern on it and I am thinking it will sew up nicely in this dress. I could even attach some straps to make it bra friendly to wear out. I am all for comfort especially in our extremely hot summers!!

And for those of you that are interested this is where I am going.

And this is what I will be doing...

Just a shame my body won't look like these whilst lolling downstream on the river at Wet 'n' Wild.... I will be the one struggling to get on my tube lol......


  1. Looks great and no pattern! Wow. Am envious of your holiday too.

  2. Cute dress! 17 days, wonderful! Enjoy.

  3. I love the dress. Hope you have a great holiday. Watch out for those tubes. After floating around in one last summer afternoon, I wound up at the chiropractor and in much pain for a couple of weeks.

  4. Great dress, so comfy! Have a great holiday!

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  6. Just found your blog while looking for sorbetto inspiration! Love this dress on you, I might make something similar for my holidays later this year.