Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kwik Sew 3463

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted on here. Life just sometimes gets in the way!!!
I have been sewing but just never remembering to take photo etc.....
The last week or so the weather has turned cold here and it's then I was reminded by my nearly 13 year old that she has very few pairs of leggings that fit. So out came Kwik Sew 3463 to fix that little problem.
I love everything about this pattern. Firstly, being a Kwik Sew the instructions are really good and secondly from start to finish it takes way less than an hour to complete and only a metre of cotton lycra which was 50% off at Textile Traders.

I managed to sew up three pairs pretty darn quick and completed it all on my sewing machine. My daughter has very sensitive skin so when I sew for her I try not to use the serger if I can.

The only pattern adjustment I did was to lower the front as my daughter has a very tilted waist. For the elastic I simply sewed the ends together to form a ring, quartered it and attached it to the top of the leggings with a zigzag stitch and then folded it over and straight stitched it in place. I hemmed them with a double row of topstitching....easy peasy and super fast!!
So now she has a black, purple and blue pair to match up with most of her tops and to wear under skirts if she wishes.

My plan is now to try and make a pair for myself to wear with a tunic or under a knee length skirt.

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