Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Skinny B**ch Curvy Chic Tonic T Shirt

Well it's been a very long time between posts!! Added to my usual health issues last February I got some nasty skin condition and I have spent the past 11 months dealing with that and whilst I have been sewing photographing them was just a chore. 

I had been reading everywhere of people sewing up the free T-shirt pattern from Skinny B**ch Curvy Chic. This independent pattern company is drafting for the petite (short) lady and as the pattern comes in plus sizes I was excited to give it a go.

Debbie Cook has done a great blog post on this pattern and I referred to her  instructions as well as others that have done reviews on

I always use my high bust measurement as a starting point and on this pattern I was a 1x. So I traced a 1x at the neck, then went out to a 2x at the bust (a cheaters FBA) and then out to a 3x at the hips. When I compared this to my other T-shirt pattern  New Look 6735 it was very close. I wanted to see how this pattern came out without any of my normal alterations, but I did add an inch to the CF hem for insurance purposes. 

I thought the instructions were great. I followed Debbie's hints for the neckband and the whole thing sewed up very easily. Now, the fabric was some cotton knit that has been in my stash for years and probably something I would just wear around the house so I wasn't bothered if it was a wadder. Also, I don't think horizontal stripes do my body any favours!!! (

(I wouldn't wear this stripey t-shirt with this skirt, it's just what I had on at the time I took the photo- just so you know I do have some styling sense :-)  )

Let me say that for straight out of the envelope this pattern is amazing. The fit isn't perfect but definitely wearable!!  I usually do a lot of adjustments and if I wanted to I could sew this pattern as is and wear it happily.  On my next version  there are a couple of things I will change just to make it even better. Firstly, I need to shave a little bit off the shoulder as it is a little bit wide and with that do a sloping shoulder adjustment. Secondly, I need to take a small dart out of the front neckline but this is only small compared to what I normally do with the Big 4. I was so happy not to have to do an FBA!!

I am excited to have a look at their other patterns based on this free pattern.


  1. Nice fit straight off! Horizontal stripes look fine ... it's a bit of a fallacy that they are broadening.


  2. Great tee and I agree with Jean ... the stripes look nice. And stripes are very trendy right now, so wear it and let your inner fashionista roar. :-)